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groove loves melody

Multi-instrumentalist and producer Clay Pendergrass is delivering more dub and electronic worth hearing on the new set, Clear History, available at The record features eight cuts that are at times driving and at times drifting, but at all times grooving. Given the variety of live experiences that Clay provides around the Dallas/Ft. Worth area, this would probably fall under a DJ EWI vibe. Take a listen to the collage of sound found in, “Freezing Dub”, which feels like a drive to somewhere important while the clang, hum, and tone of the busy city seeps through your windows and fusing with your car soundtrack.

groove loves melody

In February 2012, Clay Pendergrass recorded songs for what would become Nightshift Noise in response to the RPM Challenge of recording an album in 28 days. The result is a truly engaging instrumental effort with solid dub grooves and hooky musical surprises. From the house dub realm (“Ten Days Smarter”) to funk efforts (“Head to Head”, “Swamplandia”) to ambient drone (“Ambient Air Force”), singles from Nightshift Noise can become both a record for the party and the afterparty.
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"Of the 5 months that we’ve been doing pop quizzes at popolio, this is the most creative interpretation by an artist, period.  Clay Pendergrass answered his pop quiz as an artistic collage that he entitled  MusicAsColorPage.  Maybe future pop quiz artists should take note.  Not saying I’m challenging you all.  Just sayin’, though."


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